ManySecured Special Interest Group (SIG)

The ManySecured Gateway partners will develop publicly available specifications and resources aimed at router/IoT gateway vendors, service and solution providers, in a bid to deliver IoT-secured deployments which are resilient to attack throughout their lifecycle.

SIG Charter

Collaboration is essential to ensure Interoperable Security, no one company can do it alone.

To facilitate this collaboration, the IoT Security Foundation has created the ManySecured Special Interest Working Group (SIG) and we are looking for organisations and people from the IoT ecosystem value/supply chain to help:

  • Produce security requirements in the areas of Gateway Foundations, Secure Comms, Update Management, Network Isolation
  • Develop and publish Problem Statements, Whitepapers, Requirements and Solutions (see the Resources for the latest publications and videos)
  • Share datasets e.g. sample network traffic that can be used to baseline normal and detect abnormal behaviour
  • Create reference (Open Source) implementation solutions
  • Develop a ManySecured Certification Program
  • Run trials with with end users, customers and key stakeholders

The SIG has established workstreams to address specific concerns and security problems:

  • ManySecured Certification Scheme (GCERT)
  • Secure Usable Intranet Browser (SUIB)
  • Distributed Device Descriptors (D3)
  • Network Monitoring (NetMON)
  • Network Control (NetCON)

If you would like to learn more and are interested in joining the SIG, please CONTACT US.