ManySecured Working Group (WG)

Actively developing publicly available resources and specifications for router & gateway vendors, service and solution providers

Working Group Mandate and Charter

No single entity can provide cybersecurity alone.


Collaboration is essential for interoperable security which is fit-for-purpose and future proof.

The ManySecured Working Group (WG) was established to facilitate business collaboration and we welcome organisations from the IoT ecosystem to join the WG.

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The Working Group Reaches Consensus to:

  • Create open source materials including requirements, specifications and reference solutions.
  • Agree and publish the foundational security requirements for gateways/routers.
  • Identify and define sub-router problem statements.
  • Publish whitepapers.
  • Share datasets for security development
  • Run trials with end users, customers and key stakeholders
  • Develop a ManySecured Certification Program
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The WG workstreams address specific concerns and security problems:

The ManySecured Partners work together to identify the sub-router components necessary to deliver next generation router/gateway security performance features. Our workstreams focus on producing the open source materials to support technology and product developments.

ManySecured Workstreams

dedicated work streams are focused on key IoT cybersecurity components

ManySecured WG

ManySecured Work Group


Distrubuted Device Descriptors - A distributed system for making cryptographically backed statements about device types


(NetMON*) Network Monitor - Provides a mechanism for extracting security relevant data on device activity


(NetCON*) Network Control - Provides a secure mechanism for local and remote control of network configuration and network isolation features


Gateway or Router Certification - defines a set of certifiable security requirements for the gateway or router


Secure Usable Intranet Brwoser secure on-boarding of IoT devices and secure browser initiated connections

ManySecured Needs You

collaborate on cyber defence: Enquire / Join our partner Working group and Help to build the next generation router and gateway technologies.

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