We aim to protect

Continuous assurance and Zero Trust at the Router and Gateway Secure IOT networking

The ManySecured project’s aims are to protect people, organisations, business, infrastructure and industry from the cyber security risks posed by the Internet of Things (IoT).

We aim to do this automatically with cognitive security built on solid foundations with the power of the open source community, developing next generation technologies based on open security requirements, open specifications, an assurance certification scheme and ‘smart’ controls.

Introductory presentation

Introduction to ManySecured

Dr. Nick Allott, leading ManySecured, describes the project as:
‘a collaborative response to the problem of Router and IoT network security‘.

Collaboration is essential

Meet our partners

No single company can do it alone – Collaboration is essential to ensure interoperable security.
To facilitate this collaboration, the IoT Security Foundation has created the ManySecured Special Interest Group (SIG).
ManySecured is about leveraging the power of the crowd – working on open technical standards, specifications and finding solutions first and foremost.

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What benefits should be offered by Internet Service Providers

Key ISP Benefits

  • Uniquely Identifying IoT devices
  • Flagging IoT device vulnerabilities
  • Interoperability of IoT security data
    • Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), Device types, CVE’s etc.
  • Applicable to edge and core

ManySecured was set up to develop solutions for the Emerging threats to cyber security

Issues affecting cyber security

  • Increasing number and sophistication of cyber security attacks on iot devices and gateways
  • Large numbers of existing IoT devices installed with poor security postures
  • Increasing IoT security legisalation and responsibilities
  • Rise in importance of zero trust and continuous assurance
  • Industrial scale exploits and botnets for hire
  • Reputational damage and network resources degraded
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ManySecured Workstreams

We have dedicated work streams focused on key IoT cybersecurity components

ManySecured SIG

ManySecured Special Interest Group


Distrubuted Device Descriptors - A distributed system for making cryptographically backed statements about device types


(NetMON*) Network Monitor - Provides a mechanism for extracting security relevant data on device activity


(NetCON*) Network Control - Provides a secure mechanism for local and remote control of network configuration and network isolation features


Gateway or Router Certification - defines a set of certifiable security requirements for the gateway or router


Secure Usable Intranet Brwoser secure on-boarding of IoT devices and secure browser initiated connections

Nick Allott

CEO, NquiringMinds

John Moor

Managing Director, IoTSF

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The Faces Behind Our Success

Share the Solution

We share the risk – Why not share the solution?

ManySecured Needs You

Help us build an Industry wide, open-source database of IoT device network characteristics

We aim to improve the resilience of customer and national networks by deploying ManySecured in Routers and Gateways

If you would like to learn more, or are interested in joining us, please contact us

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