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Securing the Internet of Things (IoT)

Protecting People, Organisations, Business and Industry

Secure Smart Routers and IoT Gateways

The ManySecured project’s aims are to protect people, organisations, business, infrastructure and industry from the cyber security risks posed by the Internet of Things (IoT) through developing security requirements specifications, an assurance certification scheme and ‘smart’ control at the router/gateway.

Collaboration is essential to ensure Interoperable security, no one company can do it alone.

ManySecured is about collaborating on open technical standards, specifications and looking for solutions first and foremost.

To facilitate this collaboration, the IoT Security Foundation has created the ManySecured Special Interest Group (SIG) where we have a number of work streams focused on:


Gateway/Router Certification – defines a set of certifiable security requirements for the gateway/router


Secure Usable Intranet Browser – secure on-boarding of IoT devices and secure browser initiated connections.


Distributed Device Descriptors – a distributed system for making cryptographically backed statements about device types


Network Monitor – provides a mechanism for extracting security relevant data on device activity.


Network Control – provides a secure mechanism for local and remote control of network configuration and network isolation features.

Security Needs You:

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    Secure Collaborative IoT Gateways

    We examine in detail what a shared description of device types looks like; look at interoperable mechanisms for IoT network monitoring and control.

    Communicating securely in your own home

    Highlights a fundamental design flaw that has received little attention to date and yet affects many IoT devices and standard Internet routers and outlines potential solutions.

    Enemy at both sides of the Gate

    Enemy at both sides of the Gate Presentation about the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) ManySecured CERTIFIED Router and Gateway Scheme give at the 2021 Virtual Annual Conference.