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Welcome to the home of the ManySecured Gateway Project

ManySecured Gateway Project

ManySecured’s aim is to secure the Internet of Things (IoT) through security innovation at the gateway. To better protect consumers and enterprise from the security risks posed by IoT devices.

The ManySecured Gateway project partners will develop publicly available specifications and developer resources aimed at hub/gateway vendors, in a bid to deliver AI-IoT-secured deployments which are resilient to attack throughout their lifecycle.

The specifications with supporting resources will allow gateway vendors to take advantage of the security schema in their own products.

The ManySecured partners will define collaborative information sharing protocols, IoT fingerprinting techniques and technical integration layers to make wide scale deployment and impact possible.

Founding partners in the project include Cisco, IoT Security Foundation, NquiringMinds and the University of Oxford.

Security Needs You: Partners Wanted

ManySecured understands that collaboration is essential to solve these challenges, no one company can do it alone.

If you are a security-conscious manufacturer of gateway, router or hub class products – anywhere in the world – and would like to be kept updated on the project, please sign up here for our updates.


Technology as a tool
The emergence of the Internet of Things is a manifestation of technological progress – two key mega-trends are the pervasive use of communications (hyper-connectivity), and the ubiquity of software defined (or smart) products. Combined, these continuous trends provide huge opportunity for innovation across all market sectors as they yield benefits for society, economies, enterprise and consumers.

… and a weapon
However, it is also true that ‘all technology is dual purpose’, and whilst IoT is an exciting proposition when used as intended, it may also be used as a weapon against us if systems are not kept secure enough. There is a long list of challenges to achieving this goal including cost, complexity, ownership, inter-dependency, legacy, interoperability, life-cycle, updates and… the list goes on.

Seen through the eyes of nefarious, the continuous expansion of IoT provides a never ending opportunity to hack vulnerable things. It’s an asymmetric problem – you cannot win as a defender and attackers may only need to get lucky once to achieve their goal. New targets appear every day and when those targets are no longer of interest, hackers are nimble and move quickly onto the next opportunity. Security is never done, and the available human resources to be ever-vigilant and keep on top of the issues do not scale in the same way the technology does. We need more scale. We need more speed. We need constant vigilance designed in to systems that work for us and not against us. We need constant security, at scale and at speed.

The ManySecured Gateway project is a response to address many of those challenges and recognising that security has to protect legacy devices, as well as the new, then upgrading automatically when new vulnerabilities are discovered.

But why ManySecured?

A key principle behind the project is to exploit the potential of industry, and technology, to work collaboratively together on security issues. Whilst the ManySecured Gateway project has four founding partners, it is intended to create a community of manufacturers and users to reach the scale required to surpass the speed and agility of a smaller, yet determined variety of bad actors.

The ManySecured Gateway project is by the many (manufacturers), for the many (users).