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What is ManySecured?

ManySecured is developing an open ecosystem to help routers and gateways better protect the network against IoT attacks.

ManySecured: Data Sharing Considerations - Whitepaper Title

Data Sharing Considerations

In this whitepaper we will provide an overview of the primary D3 data sharing use cases, highlighting the data sharing and data governance considerations.

Secure IoT Gateways - Whitepaper on the need for industry collaboration

Secure IoT Gateways

Unlike a web server, which is placed in a physical secure hosting centre, an IoT device could be on a streetlight, in a field, in a garden or on the wall of a house. The risk of physical attack on IoT devices is higher even than for mobile phones, which a user tends to keep close to themselves at all times.

Router and IoT Vulnerabilities - Insecure by Design

Router and IoT Vulnerabilities

There is much talk of security issues arising in Internet of Things (IoT) systems, and for good reason. IoT devices provide a whole array of new attacks that are, generally, poorly understood and so, of course, weakly protected against.

Error message indicating an unsafe network connection

Secure Usable Browser Connections for Intranet Scenarios

Almost all consumer networking devices and a majority of IOT devices support local HTTP/S connections for management. This browser based interface is the typical default mechanism for managing, configuring and provisioning the device. The instructions in the user guides will give the user instructions to connect to the devices over or similar.

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