Router and IoT Vulnerabilities

Router and IoT Vulnerabilities - Insecure by Design
There is much talk of security issues arising in Internet of Things (IoT) systems, and for good reason. IoT devices provide a whole array of new attacks that are, generally, poorly understood and so, of course, weakly protected against.

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Router and IoT Vulnerabilities

This Whitepaper from the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) ManySecured Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to: raise awareness to a fundamental design flaw that has received little attention to date; elicit feedback; and recruit organisations and individuals interested in being part of the solution.

This design flaw affects many IoT devices and standard Internet routers. The design flaw is that the management interface typically provided for you to configure and manage your device, is insecure.

You can read this in more detail in the ManySecured: Router and IoT Vulnerabilities Whitepaper.

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