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ManySecured Cyber Security Requirements For Routers And IoT Gateways
The videos on the IoTSF YouTube channel include a presentation by Nick Allott (nquiringminds) at the IoT Security Foundation 2020 Conference:

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Featured ManySecured videos can be found on the ManySecured: Securing the IoT playlist on the IoTSF YouTube channel.

The videos include a presentation by Nick Allott (NquiringMinds) at the IoT Security Foundation 2020 Conference:

  • An architectural deep dive on the threats and mitigations for real world IoT deployments”, presented at the IoTSF 2020 Conference. This video was developed as part of the ManySecured Collaborative Intelligent IoT Gateway Project
  • The first step in developing a technical solution, is developing a common understanding and language to describe the problem. The physical architecture of IoT deployments is deceptively complex. This presentation will outline an architecture framework for describing both the interfaces and the typical threats in an IoT deployment. We will show how this same framework can be used to establish the technical priorities for future IoT security initiatives

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ManySecured is developing an open ecosystem to help routers and gateways better protect the network against IoT attacks.

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