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Error message indicating an unsafe network connection

Router and IoT Vulnerabilities – Insecure by Design

The Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) and ManySecured Special Interest Group (SIG) is working to outline high level solutions to a design flaw/problem that creates router and IoT vulnerabilities.

Communicating securely in your own home with Jan Geertsma

Communicating securely in your own home

Highlights a fundamental design flaw that has received little attention to date and yet affects many IoT devices and standard Internet routers and outlines potential solutions.

Secure Collaborative IoT Gateways with Nick Allott

Secure Collaborative IoT Gateways

We examine in detail what a shared description of device types looks like; look at interoperable mechanisms for IoT network monitoring and control and demonstrate how we bring these capabilities together to provide scalable methods of active defence, which embraces both new business models and fully integrated AI systems.

ManySecured Cyber Security Requirements For Routers And IoT Gateways

Enemy at both sides of the Gate

Presentation about the Internet of Things Security Foundation ManySecured CERTIFIED Router and Gateway Scheme. Cyber security requirements for Routers and IoT Gateways

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