The IoT Security Foundation was launched on September 23rd 2015 with a mission to ‘make it safe to connect’… in the era of IoT. This was after stakeholder interests were brought together in a series of meetings, workshops and the first ever ‘IoT Security Summit’ held at Bletchley Park, UK.

We suspected things were bad but we did not quite know how bad at the time until we got everyone talking and sharing perspectives – and at that point we knew something had to be done to reduce fragmentation and address the problem ‘in the round’.

Since that time we have been incredibly active on an international stage looking at pragmatic ways we can help address the myriad of cyber security issues which make IoT security such a wicked challenge. We’ve majored in advocacy, propagating best practices, feeding standards and informing regulation (and more). Today we have a globally recognised brand and seen by many as ‘the go-to-organisation’ for all things IoT security. We’ve done this with a small core team and a magnificent, active membership. But we need to do more. The world is increasingly under threat from baddies who want to use IoT for purposes other than it was intended – to steal, to spy, to wreak havoc or simply cause damage. We need another team hero to help us take IoTSF to another level and put their brain power and zeal behind our noble mission – could that person be you?

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for a Technical Project Manager for the ManySecured project who has a natural enthusiasm and energy for IoT, cyber security and the wider field of technology. You’ll have a deep understanding of IoT cyber security – you’ll be learning a great deal so you’ll need an appetite to constantly explore and learn new dimensions. You’ll be confident in your communication skills – whether that’s making a presentation, interacting with industry professionals or writing a blog post. A major part of the role is to work collaboratively with a diverse set of stakeholders including industry, security experts, academia, civil servants and others.

All of this will be required, in addition your core ability to run projects, complete and oversee actions are completed to ensure we deliver to milestones. When it comes to projects – we have a major project in mind.

What else?

Whilst this is a UK-based role, due to the nature of the work there is no set location as you’ll be a self-starter and home based.

If that sounds exciting to you, and you have a can-do attitude, take a look at the official job spec in the side bar and get in touch by sending us a CV and covering letter.

Application Deadline: February 5th 2021