About: This workshop was for stakeholders who have interests in future connected-product cybersecurity – specifically router technology and standards.

Key audiences include ISP’s, IT Router and Connected-Device Manufacturers, Semiconductor Vendors, Internet Equipment Specifiers and Security Professionals.

Problem: There are millions of unsecured IoT devices connecting to insecure gateways and routers in your home, and business. This means there are many vulnerabilities creating significant risk.

By defining data sharing standards, APIs and best practice, ManySecured provides the tools to protect, detect and respond to security threats, at scale.

• Learn about, new foundational secure router technologies.
• Gain hands on experience: build, setup and configure your ManySecured router.
• Test your devices: bring along IOT devices for live testing and integration.

ManySecured is a collaborative industry initiative, looking to mitigate this problem with fundamental innovation at the gateway level.

The ManySecured Gateway Project is a collaborative project co-funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency partnered by nquiringMinds, CISCO, University of Oxford Cyber Security Centre and the IoT Security Foundation.


Nick Allott

CEO, NquiringMinds

Dr Steve Moyle

University of Oxford

Dr Alexandru Mereacre

nquiringMinds Ltd.

Dr John Manslow

Commercial Software Expert, nquiringMinds Ltd.