The ManySecured Project focusing on Cognitive Security applied to Gateways and IoT devices, hosted a lively and interactive in person event at the Caledonian Club in London on the 17th of May.  

Experts from the project team were presenting and running demonstrations of the technology on the day showing the results of the last two years of innovative work on the project. 

Nick Allott, CEO of nquiringMinds, presented an overview of the concepts behind the project including a remarkably interesting set of parallels drawn between human and machine learning as applied to ManySecured. He then explored the details of how the ManySecured system works together with the APIs and protocols including the D3 (Distributed Device Descriptor) Language used to describe the behaviour of devices on the network. 

Dr. Steve Moyle presented “Advanced analytics techniques for IOT security analysis” showing how to identify IoT-like devices from Network Monitoring data using ML/AI techniques to characterise behaviours of IoT devices.  

In the afternoon sessions the focus was more on how to use the ManySecured open source prototype available as an output of the project. Attendees were able to connect to some working ManySecured routers, see the management interface and the information generated before the day concluded with a final discussion, Q & A and feedback session. 

Videos of the presentations and the presentation files are available on the IoTSF YouTube channel and the ManySecured website

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Nick Allott

CEO, NquiringMinds

Dr Steve Moyle

University of Oxford

Dr Alexandru Mereacre

nquiringMinds Ltd.

Dr John Manslow

Commercial Software Expert, nquiringMinds Ltd.